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Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Austria, Germany, France, Algeria, Belgium, Czech Republic, UK
Gappmaier-Dark Pool.High Potentials_credits Hanke Wilsmann
Stefaniya Georgieva Eva-Maria Schaller Freddy Houdenkindo

A look into various work of contemporary young authors from several countries. Which way has the contemporary dance production taken in international context? Dynamic presentation of short excerpts from already existing works or emerging drafts of future projects developed at meetings in Žďár.

FILLIMIT is an intercontinental platform for young choreographers. It supports their meeting, confrontations, cooperation, sharing information and its exchange. The platform also includes participation of several native as well as foreign promoters which will support making new professional acquaintances, residences and productions in partner countries. Presentation of choreographers at the festival will according to the choice of the author have a form of short example from an already existing choreography or of sharing drafts formed within the platform. The festival audience and guest professionals can thus look into the way of thinking, feeling, aesthetic choices and processing of a choreographic idea of young authors in a very informal, dynamic and unique way.