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Billy Mullaney & Niels Weijer

Netherlands / United States
Photo: Dragan Dragin, KoresponDance 2017
Photo: Dragan Dragin, KoresponDance 2017 Archiv Billy & Niels

Billy (USA) is based in Amsterdam, while Niels (NL) is based in Berlin and you can often see them performing together across Europe. Billy Mullaney is a dancer, choreographer and performer. He experiments with the most diverse forms of performance ranging from quantum physics lectures to children’s televisions shows to Broadway musicals to tarot readings. Niels Weijer is a dancer, choreographer, photographer and visual artist. He describes his artistic practice as a way to share his way of seeing the world through geometry. Niels and Billy are returning to Žďár two years after their Corridor Piece, set in three of the castle’s halls, won over the audience at KoresponDance 2017.